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ATTITUDE Product Recognized as “Best Organic Baby Care Product” at ABC Kids Las Vegas

Great news!

ATTITUDE’s 3-in-1 Shampoo / Body Wash / Conditioner has won the “Best Organic Baby Care Product” at last month’s ABC Kids show in Las Vegas.

ABC LOGO parent tested

This award was based upon parent testing and approval , which we consider to be the best endorsement possible.

ATTITUDE products are a reassuring option to parents since they are made from worry-free ingredients (free from carcinogenic and mutagenic substances), at all times and without compromise.  Moreover, the company has adopted practices that foster sustainability at all levels of its production, thus offering customers high quality products that give peace of mind and enable families to live consciously.

The Little Ones range features over 16 products developed to meet the needs of children – from shampoos to hand soap, toothpaste, sunscreen and creams – so parents can feel confident when washing, moisturizing and pampering their babies.

John Paul Selects is a distributor of the full ATTITUDE range, which is available in over 300 stores throughout the UK and online, notably Ocado.

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