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Marula is a must for your make up bag, come rain or shine

It’s been a busy summer on the Marula front and with the looming Bank Holiday weekend and “back to school” thereafter, winter is drawing near.

A number of bloggers have reviewed Marula and commented on its versatility:

“I can see this lasting me throughout winter which I’m really happy about as that’s the season when my skin tends to get a little bit crazy & super dehydrated” – Alina, Beauty with Charm

“… but during the winter my skin becomes particularly dehydrated and that’s when facial oils become my best friends.” - Renata, Speaking Beauty UK

“Extra nourishing, this bottle of beauty magic revived my skin after a cold winter and I like to use it as a primer, moisturiser or overnight mask.” – Helen, MummyMode

Whilst others have commented on Marula’s anti-bacterial properties:

“So if you suffer from acne but had no luck with oils in the past, this particular oil is seriously worth a try, because not only will it help battle any breakouts you may have, it will help to heal them up a lot quicker, whilst also actively helping to prevent future ones from popping up.” – Sarah, Bella J

“… but from a month of regular use in the mornings, I have noticed this reduce redness and dry up present blemishes.” – Jenny, Krystel Couture

And a special congratulations goes out to Abbie of A Beautiful Delight and her newborn.  During her pregnancy, she’d been using Marula oil to keep stretch marks at bay and to great success.  Angelica of One Little Vice (quite rightly) points out that traditionally Marula oil has been used by the Tsonga people of South Africa and Mozambique as a massage oil for babies for generations, so why not use Marula oil on your loved ones too?

Thank you all for your support these past few months and let’s hope that more of us can benefit from Marula.

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